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8 Ways Italian Women Take Care of Their Skin

Unlike anywhere else in the world, Italian women always make sure they are comfortable in their skin.

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Below is how they take care of their skin

1. Moisturize

Moisturizing takes up the majority of an Italian woman’s beauty routine since she values smooth, touchable skin.

 According to the experts, this entails using “heavier, richer moisturizers than America.”

 They also have a daily practice of massaging their skin with body butter from head to toe to hydrate and relax.

The Italian women in their moisturizing routine have been known to especially emphasize the importance of smooth feet.

2. Italian women don’t follow fashion trends

The ladies place a greater emphasis on timeless value rather than trends.

Instead of buzzy new goods and fad-jumping, Italian ladies place a greater emphasis on tried-and-true skin components.

The components are often those with more positive health effects such as those that slow aging.

Low-maintenance routines are always the best.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is made by pressing the oil from the entire olive fruit.

It’s high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are healthy fats with health and beauty benefits, as well as skin-loving antioxidants.

It is also a staple of Italian culture and provides anti-aging vitamin E and hydrating squalene, among other benefits.

Some Italian women are known to slather olive oil over their entire bodies.

They even put olive oil to the ends of their hair to keep it shiny.

 Olive oil can also be utilized to treat some health problems.

 Some Italian women claim that they have treated the pink eye with it.

4. Sunscreen

While South Koreans try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, Italian women like it.

Wrinkles are going to get you anyway, so you might as well enjoy the sun.

 Italians, however, place high importance on skin protection.

They use lots of delicious sunscreens and avoid tanning accelerators.

5. Diet

The Italian attitude toward eating is far more laid-back than anywhere else in the world.

Women in Italy are free to eat whatever they want.

Be it focaccia, spaghetti, gelato, or wine, they consume it all.

 The distinction is that Italian ladies prefer simple, whole foods.

That means that they lower on the dressing, sauces, and toppings.

 Crucial to note is that their portions are much smaller compared to other places.

 There’s no need to overeat and then feel guilty when there’s no such thing as restricted dieting.

Italians understand the importance of saying “No” to food.

 They eat to their hearts’ content, but not to the point where their stomachs are overburdened.

The Italians believe in keeping things light so that they can move around freely.

In addition to that, the Italians taught us the importance of balancing quantity and food quality.

A classic Italian lunch with the proper amount of fat is made up of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

 This strategy is beneficial to the physical and emotional health of numerous if not all Italian women.

6. Staying Relaxed

Stress, according to the experts, is a “real beauty adversary.”

Stress makes everyone seem older and exhausted.

In Italian culture, it is considered a virtue to be relaxed.

 What’s the Italians’ favorite way to unwind? One may ask

Every night, they take a glass of wine.

Other things keep them relaxed as well but a glass of wine is the most famous.

7. Moderate makeup

Whether it’s characteristic red nail polish or bright pink lipstick, Italian women love to incorporate color into their beauty appearances.

Colour, however, requires restraint.

This is because makeup contains hazardous chemicals that can permanently injure the skin.

 Italian women are all about wearing less makeup—a lot less. Experts explain.

Italians prefer to keep their makeup light and airy to show off their inherent beauty.

It is also a belief that moderate use of makeup is the Italian method of letting the skin breathe aside from that one signature splash of pigment.

8. Coffee grind

Italian women use their kitchens to make the world’s best exfoliant before dousing themselves in body butter.

For a body scrub experts suggest,  proper coffee grinds mixed with coconut oil, which should be used especially on the thighs and glutes.

 The coffee tightens the skin while sloughing away dead cells.

On the other hand, coconut oil will moisturize it.

Many Italian ladies swear it helps them get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.